Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline :September 10, 2022

Fulltext Submission Deadline :October 15, 2022

Abstract Submission Rules

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Online submission of papers via Nutuva Abstract Management System is the only valid form of submission. Papers sent via e-mail and post regardless of the system will not be accepted.

Abstract Format

● General
○ Abstract will be presented as posters and orally.
○ Abstract submissions will be made online via Nutuva Abstract Management System.
○ Only original research, compilation and case reports will be accepted as Abstract for the congress.
○ The presenters must be registered to the congress.
○ Paper acceptance will be made as a result of "double-blind referee evaluation".

● Oral Presentations
○ A session will be scheduled for topics with similar topics.
○ The duration of oral presentations is determined as 15 minutes.
○ 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of question-answer are planned for oral presentations in which PowerPoint program will be used.

● Poster Presentations
○ Poster presentations in which the PowerPoint program will be used; It should include introduction, material & method, results, discussion and reference sections.
○ Posters will be presented in digital / electronic format.
○ Posters should be 80 (width) x 120 (height) cm.
○ Posters should be prepared on a single page.
○ At the top of your posters, there should be the title of the presentation, the names and addresses of the authors.

● Abstract Writing Rules
a. Abstracts should be written in "Times New Roman" font, 12 font size, single line spacing, A4 size and 3 cm margins from the edges.
b. The abstract title should be 14 points, bold and the first letters of the words should be capitalized.
c. Abstracts will be prepared in Turkish and English, with a maximum of 350 words.
d. A maximum of 5 keywords should be given with a comma between them and they should be in 12 point characters.
e. Following the Turkish title, the names of the authors should be given as full name and surname. to. Institutional addresses of the authors should be given just below the list of authors using superscript, and the e-mail address of the corresponding author should be given below the institution addresses in 10 font size.
f. Abstracts will only be accepted from the online abstract submission system on the congress website, and papers sent by mail or fax will not be evaluated.
g. The abstracts will be sent to the owners of the papers electronically.
h. The Scientific Committee of the Congress will decide on the acceptance and presentation of the summary paper submitted to the system. The Congress Organizing Committee will work to implement this decision taken in general. However, the Congress Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the way of presentation due to time, backlog, number of papers and some unforeseen circumstances.
i. In order for the abstracts to be accepted, the author who will make the presentation must register for the congress.
j. Paper acceptance will be made as a result of "double-blind referee evaluation".

The evaluation committee can change the sub-title of the paper.
Accepted papers cannot be withdrawn after the acceptance letter is sent. Posters accepted for presentation but not (cannot) be presented will be announced on the congress and association web sites at the end of the congress with the title of "not submitted papers".


· Since the International Dental Research journal is indexed both internationally and in the ULAKBIM TR Index, the journal's publication policy requires that the scientific quality of the full-text papers be high.

·       Some of the features of these requirements are as follows.
o   Academic native speaker English editing of full-text papers in English in a professional and certified company
o   Proofreading
o Determining the similarity rate with the iThenticate program (This rate should not exceed 20%.)
o   Layout of accepted articles and galley proof service
o   Providing copyediting and layout editing services
o   Additional time will be given to the authors to check the papers by the statistics editor and to correct the wrong statistics.
o   Making it ready for publication by giving a DOI number
·       In order to meet all these requirements, in addition to the congress registration, $250 or foreign currency will be requested for full texts not exceeding 1500 words. The requested amount is not the Printing Fee or the Article Processing Charge, but will be paid to the foreign professional firm for the provision of the above mentioned services as the cost of these services.
·       Authors must upload their full-text papers to the system together with their certificates if they have had their academic editing done in English by a professional firm (Scribendi, textcheck, etc.) specified on the journal page. In this case, in addition to the congress registration for other services, $150 or foreign currency will be requested for services other than editing.

Full Text Submission Deadline :October 15, 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline :September 10, 2022